“Polaris Automation helped us collect valuable data from our production process with their skills and experience on the PLC and Data side. The results we have seen have been remarkable and we are looking to scale their software to multiple facilities and areas of our production process soon. As we continue our path of digital transformation, we will look to them for their expertise and guidance. Their support and guidance through this journey are second to none.”

MS, Palmer Donavin

“We had a concept that we felt confident could work, but finding a single vendor with all of the skill sets necessary to provide the solution was difficult. Polaris had the skills both on the PLC and data side which is what we needed. They worked with us to mitigate long lead times on items due to Covid and also through our protocols related to the pandemic. Creating a manufacturing test system was something that Polaris had not done before, but they were willing to work through the challenges with us as a team. The amazing thing was that not only were we able to deliver the project on-time, but the first production shift after the shutdown had a 98% yield for the entire shift. That was a tremendous moment that will be hard to duplicate on a project of any scale.”

DY, Whirlpool

“Polaris has been a great partner for us for at least the past 10 years. Their expertise and experience with everything OT, networking, servers, PLCs, HMIs, controls, and web building have helped Sika continue to grow with the newest technologies. They have helped us with new plants, upgrades, conversions, and migrations. We also use their Chordata product – and are continuing to expand its capabilities and value to us. Polaris’ flexibility, dependability, and trustworthiness has given us confidence to allow them access to our systems and grow to support other Sika facilities. Sika is an aggressive growth company with ~$10B sales globally, ~2B sales in the USA, and ~300M sales from the Marion OH plant where Polaris has been most significantly involved.”

MZ, Sika USA

“Polaris has partnered with us for many years to develop an MES solution that we own as a company. This is a product that can support our business for many years, and we can change it to accommodate our needs as we see fit. We were not provided with a “canned” solution that we had to fit our process into. It is something that was built for us that meets our needs. Polaris has worked with us as a partner and helped out in all aspects of the project including programming, consulting, hardware acquisition, and engineering support when we requested it.”

DY, Whirlpool