Transform your manufacturing
without starting over.

Chordata is a highly-configurable MES solution

that helps manufacturers create an environment of continuous improvement without requiring the replacement of existing equipment or legacy systems.

Chordata visualizes processes, monitors equipment, tracks production and collects the data that’s necessary for resolving problems, supporting recommendations, and informing decisions – connecting business, operations and manufacturing units together like never before.

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Chordata Features

  • On-site startup and configuration
  • Configured by us, tailored to your needs
  • Customized displays and reports as specified by you
  • Connects to our cloud servers to provide you access to your data from anywhere
  • Updates automatically without user intervention
  • You own your data
  • Continual support included after start-up
  • Rapid start-up and implementation to reduce the time to value of your digital transformation
Polaris Automation chose to develop Chordata on the Ignition platform because of its
known benefits:
  • Ease of use with drag-and-drop design and customization features
  • Ability to connect to almost anything and view on any device
  • Cross-platform capabilities – SCADA, IIoT, MES and more
  • Universal design and open standard technologies
  • Rapid development and deployment

The Keys

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Realtime OEE

Up to the minute measure of Overall Equipment Effectiveness as well as historical data for analysis and comparison

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Quality Management

Measure and analyze quality and compliance, perform traceability, keep track of defects, record production data

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Downtime Tracking

Machine integration provides data on failures, interruptions, and downtime with alerts and reason codes

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Drag and drop scheduling including material, human and machine resources, and maintenance

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Work Order Tracking and History

Monitor production throughout and Work In Progress, analyze work order performance to expectations and history to use for scheduling

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Workforce Management

Match worker abilities and training to machines and processes, track location and time, manage access and security

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Asset Performance

Real-time visibility into machine status and performance, manage preventive maintenance schedules and resources, perform immediate repairs and fixes


Access and monitor your plant from anywhere with Chordata.