Ignition Premier Integrator

Polaris Automation is proud to be a Premier Integrator of Ignition, a powerful digital transformation software designed to streamline manufacturing operations and facilitate peak performance. This esteemed and sought-after designation is awarded only to integrators demonstrating the highest level of commitment, professionalism, and competency using the Ignition Software.

Integrator Program Levels:

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  • Apply to join Inductive Automation's Integrator Program
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  • Complete Inductive University's courses and challenges
  • Earn an Ignition credential in Inductive University
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  • Attend a Core Certification class or take the Core Certification Test
  • Maintain certification status with update classes or tests
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  • Fulfill Certified level requirements
  • Attend one of the advanced classes or take the Gold Certification Test
  • Maintain certification status with update classes or tests
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  • Consistently produce high quality work
  • Reach a minimum of $100,000 in overall Ignition sales
  • Maintain a minimum of $50,000 in annual Ignition sales
  • Minimum of two engineers with current Gold Certification status
  • Active participant within the Ignition community
  • Aspiring Premier integrators must have a minimum of 5 end-users using Ignition

Polaris Automation achieved Premier Integrator status based on
our technical expertise and volume of satisfied customers.

The modern manufacturing facility captures and leverages data to improve quality and efficiency. Having a system that tracks, analyzes, displays, and deploys that data in real time is essential to success. Polaris Automation is uniquely equipped to help manufactures use this powerful data management software to find practical solutions to existing problems and identify and avoid future challenges.

In our work utilizing this practical and proven platform,
we have found Ignition to be:


Ignition enables manufacturers to quickly and easily monitor, display, analyze, and act on data.


Ignition can be installed in minutes to any device equipped with a web browser and allows for system updates to all clients without disruption.


Sold by the server, not by the seat, every license includes unlimited clients, tags, and connections... so manufactures can build a system to meet their needs today and tomorrow without breaking the bank.


Ignition is priced affordably and eliminates the need for costly installs, updates, and support contracts.

We were so impressed with the benefits
that we chose to develop Chordata, our MES solution, on the Ignition platform.


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