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MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Polaris Automation is a full-service integration firm that has grown significantly over the last 40 years by leading its clients through one period of dramatic change after another. The depth and breadth of our experience is matched only by our commitment to building relationships that last. We partner with manufacturers and OEMs to provide complete factory automation solutions – working to identify and then remove the pain points that keep you up at night –helping you create a highly-efficient and on-budget production facility. We accept total responsibility for projects, and many of our clients view us as an extension of their engineering team.

Services and Solutions

Custom Manufacturing Software

We can create a completely custom software solution that meets your unique needs.

Manufacturing Software Implementation & Customization

We can customize Chordata (and most out-of-the-box software solutions) to excel in your manufacturing environment.

Legacy Software Upgrades

Safeguard your investment and enhance production capacity by upgrading legacy systems and implementing new hardware and software platforms.

Plant & Process Visualization Dashboards

Polaris Automation connects business, operations, and manufacturing units armed with a visualization of both plant and processes. Complex operations can be more easily understood and KPI’s monitored to maximize production opportunities.

OEE Performance Monitoring & Analysis

Optimize production and improve your operation with real-time OEE insights.

Production Tracking

Track and record every step of your manufacturing process – providing real-time operations management and automatically creating a digital record of production.

Quality Management

Improve production quality and drive consistency with recipe-driven automated testing, documentation and commissioning.

Work Order History

Efficiently track and record orders through the manufacturing process in real time – create and modify work orders, view status and routing, and leverage historical data.

Strategy, Implementation Management & Execution

Envision, design, test, implement and validate any process operation.

Production Dispatching & Scheduling Solutions

Prioritize and manage exceptions as they occur in real time through a comprehensive scheduling and dispatching system.

Data Extraction & Aggregation

Extract and merge data from equipment in your manufacturing line – then, leverage that data for improvements in process and performance.

SPC Implementations

Statistical Process Control combines continuous automated monitoring with analysis to achieve high standards of quality, consistency, and repeatability.

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MES Services and Solutions (Manufacturing Execution System)