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Chordata Evaluation Period

Chordata will be offered to clients for up to six-week evaluation period who can benefit from added visibility of their manufacturing processes. We are looking for clients who want to increase throughput and efficiency with their manufacturing processes, and believe in the concepts promoted with industry 4.0 methodology.

Polaris Automation will provide an edge device, software license, and Chordata implementation at no charge on one process or machine for a period of up to six weeks. The chosen area should be one where data can be easily retrieved, visibility in that area is limited, and known issues exist.

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    Highlights of the Program

    • An initial discovery session between members of the Polaris Automation team and the client is conducted to identify the area of focus and to determine if Chordata can be a fit.
    • If Chordata is a fit, a follow up meeting will be scheduled with the Chordata technical team and key stakeholders in the chosen area of the plant floor. During this collaborative meeting, the technical team will learn about the issues at hand, define the requirements for implementation, and determine the key metrics for success during the evaluation period.
    • Within a few weeks Chordata will be live and the Polaris team will review the data on a regular basis, add context to the data, and identify issues seen in the chosen area (or machine).
    • A Polaris account manager will meet weekly with the key stakeholders in the process area (or machine) to discuss findings and solicit feedback on the findings.
    • Within six weeks a final report will be delivered detailing the narrative, issues found, and suggested path forward.
    • When successful and the client wants to continue using the Chordata software, the client will need to purchase the Chordata license and the edge device. At that point, the client will only pay for implementation on new areas targeted for improvement, additional edge devices.

    Client Requirements:

    • Access to PLC or source code for the process area (or machine) being targeted.
    • A single point of contact that is a key stakeholder for the area of improvement. This contact will communicate with the Polaris team and the client team during the six-week evaluation period.
    • The final meeting will include all the client’s key stakeholders
    • If successful, Polaris will ask for a testimonial.